My day, I work in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin. By night, I write.

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  1. Debra Winegarten lives in Austin, Texas. She spends her day working for the Astronomy Department at UT and her nights writing the lives of women in Texas history for middle school girls.

  2. I love reading your stuff… best regards from your cousin – maybe distant but definitely a cousin – Aviva from London (Shlomo’s sister)

    • Aviva! Thanks for the kind words, I’m delighted you found my blog and are enjoying reading it!

      Now, let’s figure out how we’re related! I think Shlomo and my Dad are first cousins, so that makes you and I first cousins once removed? Dad is the son of Samuel Winegarten, if that helps you figure out our relationship. I’ll take mishpochah wherever I can find you! I just signed a contract with UT Press for a series of biographies on middle-school girls, so you’ll have to help me when it comes time for my international book signing tour! So good to hear from you! Debbie

  3. Hi

    I was googling Shlomo then for no good reason me. Why did we never continue this correspondence?
    Horribly the reason I was googling my brother Shlomo was because last week he suddenly and tragically had a heart attack and died. I can’t believe I am writing this -sort of in cold blood, literally.

    Two weeks ago Shlomo and I were at two family stonesettings of cousins of our late Father (Moshe) and finding gravestones of other Winegartens in ths old cemetery in East London. So Shlomo was filling in the gaps in our knowledge and of course you came up in conversation. Sam was my grandfathers brother so your dad was my dad’s first cousin so that makes us straight second cousins I think.

    Horrid to be writing the first bit of this
    Weird too
    How’s the book signing tour coming on???

    lets stay in touch. Aviva

    • Aviva!
      Sweet cousin, I am so very, very sorry for your loss. Your heart must be broken clean in two! I emailed Shlomo maybe a month or so ago and asked him to send me the updated family history tree, which he did. Bless his heart. I feel sad hearing this news and not ever getting a chance to meet him in person.

      The book writing is going slowly but surely, slowly, as in slowly the ice age endeth, but I’m hopeful to have these two books finished by the end of the summer. Yes, Sam was my grandpa and and if your dad and mine were first cousins, then we’re second cousins. Wow, a second cousin! I never knew I had one before — how thrilling! Seems like most/all the Winegartens are on the “other” side of the pond from me, and I just look at that family tree and wonder about all these folks who are my mishpochah. Over here, it’s just me and Dad (Al), my Dad’s sister, Marjorie passed away a few years back, and she has three daughters who are my first cousins. So I definitely need/want to “glom” onto some of y’all and get to know more of my family.

      Thank you for letting me know the news of Shlomo, I’ll tell Dad. He just turned 86 this past April and HaShem willing, he’s in good health. Be gentle with yourself, sweet one, I”ll say a kaddish for Shlomo, may his memory continue to be a blessing in our lives! Much love, Cousin Devorah

  4. Debra
    I recently read There are Jews in Texas? This very engaging book of poems, was shared with me by my sister, Ethel Lee-Miller, who met you at the recent writing conference in Austin, TX. These poems are so memorable! Visually creative but also sparking a spiritual vision in me. Fun, sweet, sad, sharp, I really enjoyed reading this book. I especially like Mineni. What a great reminder that if we are really IN the world, we can create and see miracles every day.
    Plus, I am so jealous that you have perfect pitch!

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