Matriarchal Manifesto – For Immediate Release – March 27, 2011

We, the women of the world, who are mothers and have mothers, proclaim the following:

I. Life is precious. Our children are precious. Animals and plant life are precious. Killing human beings in our name is no longer tolerated, by any individual, community, state, society, or country.

2. The Earth is precious. Pouring toxic chemicals or radioactive essences in our environment is no longer tolerated. Violators will be required to clean up their mess. Messes for which there is no clean-up solution are no longer allowed to be created.

3. We are not kidding. Beginning immediately, all nations will address remediating their nuclear waste issues and revamp their energy requirements using non-toxic renewable resources.

4. The Earth shares her resources with us freely. Those of us who have an abundance will begin sharing with those who have less. We will do everything in our power to assist others in being self-sufficient. Each person who has more than enough will feed one other person who is hungry. Each person will voluntarily donate one hour a day to helping others.

5. We will award the Matriarchal Medal of Honor, the highest award on our planet, to the individual or group, who, on an annual basis, brings the most positive social change to our planet, as chosen by our panel of matriarchs.